Meditation and its importance

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Meditation and its importance

Post by Phlegon » Sat May 11, 2019 3:07 pm

Meditation serves as an important tool for purification, emboldening, and worship of the most divine Sun. We must wake up early, when dawn begins to drive back the foul darkness of the Night, and meditate on His victory in our ceaseless war. And when dusk begins to set in, we meditate again to prepare ourselves for the coming Night and its bitter hostility.

If practiced correctly, meditation has a wide variety of both practical and spiritual benefits. Communion with His light, viewing of your Inner Sun, increased focus, and a general increase in mental wellbeing.

Although the methods of meditation I can offer are certainly not exhaustive, only a few choice aspects must be the same.
1: Meditation must focus on the perception and control of the Inner Sun.
2: Meditation must serve as a form of prayer, practiced basking in His glow to show gratefulness for His blessings.
3: Meditation must never involve contemplation of the Night, dispel any notion of its foul influence. This holy practice for His worship must not be tainted by such dark ruminations.

The method I use most often to commune with the divine Sun is as follows: Reach a comfortable resting position in a bright naturally lit area. Close your eyes, and begin envisioning your Inner Sun. Practice controlled breathing, envision yourself drawing in the Sun's holy light, watch it coalesce in your heart. In the morning meditation session, thank the divine Sun for His continued victory and his numerous blessings. In the dusk meditation session, wish Him great strength and illustrious glow when morning comes. Once the prayers have ended and thanks have been given, the meditation session ends.

Please add below if you have your own methods, comments on the benefits of meditation, or other insight on the topic.

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